Upgrade to Low-Glycal PRO and Supercharge
Your Weight Loss!

Diet smarter with these great new features to track your progress and manage your diet!

My Tracker icon

My Tracker

Calculates customized maximum daily glycal ranges based on your age, gender, height, weight and hours of sleep. Tracks glycals, calories and glycemic load, allowing you to monitor your progress visually.

My Meal Diary icon

My Meal Diary

Creates a record of all the meals you eat each day and stores them for future reference.

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My Weight

Records and graphs your weight loss over time. Monitor your progress at a glance.

My Favorite Meals icon

My Favorite Meals

Saves the complete meals and snacks you eat most often in one convenient, time-saving location.

$3.99 one-time fee for premium features. Currently available for iOS users only.

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